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IPhone 12 Launch Delay | Corona Virus effecting Mobile Industry

iPhone 12 Launch Delay | Corona Virus impacting Mobile Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard at all industrial zones around the world. Most of the economic activities are under shutdown for a month and APPLE is no exception to it. Predictors predict that 2020 can be the first year since 2007 when apple will be unable to launch its first smartphone equipped with 5G technology in apple 12 in worst-case scenarios.

iPhone 12 Launch Delay:

Last year, an analyst known for his Apple product predictions predicted that 4- versions of iPhone 12 will be launched till the end of this fall but due to the evolving conditions around the globe this seems a mere dream. This can be a huge setback for the first time for a tech giant like Apple.

Wed bush Securities analyst Daniel Ives on Sunday said that the best and worst scenarios for the launch product of apple purely depends on the future condition of COVID-19 and how it influences the world.

In worst-case scenarios, the iPhone 12 Launch Delay can stand till mid of the fiscal year 2021. However, the company has not revealed its future plans to cope with the situation.

Another research from BLOOMBERG analyst Mark German, a popular individual who keeps track of the newly updated product from iPhone said that Apple is making hard efforts and struggling to manage its goal and launch its first 5G based iPhone 12 till the end of this year. He added that not only iPhone 12 but its other products like Apple TV, Apple-watches, MAC Book and low-cost tablets.

The reports suggest that the iPhone supply chain has all disrupted due to the complete shutdown of many countries and the manufacturing of new products seems very difficult for the company. Another difficulty that struck the company is the weakening of consumer demand due to the global pandemic. Remote working and travel problems can pose a great challenge for the development of the new product reporters added.

Reuters reported that the demand could further ramp down and can result in a big loss for the company. If the situation continues, this would be the first time over the decades that the company will not be able to produce any product throughout the year and this would mark a strange moment in the company’s history since 2007.

The IPhone 12 is another great update in which apple has integrated many other features other than 5G. It has an entirely new design of 3D cameras and OLED screens which were not in any of the previous products of apples.

"Taking a step back, this is not any ordinary year for Cook and Cupertino as the company is entering in our opinion one of its most important iPhone upgrade product cycles ever," Ives wrote in the note. 

But again this is the worst-case scenario in the best case the company will start its full-fledged production at the end of April and will be ready to launch its entirely new miracle phone iPhone 12 at the end of this fall.

iPhone 12 Launch Delay | Corona Virus impacting Mobile Industry

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